Perk Agreement

Please make sure You carefully read, understand and agree

1.This Perks Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between:
1. MT4rex (The Company) and any person, which may be either a legal entity or a natural person who the Company has accepted as a Client (the “Client”)
1.1. By accepting to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, the Client hereby agrees to be bound by the provisions as outlined herein.
2.Terms and Conditions of the Perk
2.1. The decision whether to offer the Perk to the Client is clearly and indisputably at the Company’s absolute and unreserved discretion.
2.2. If the Client is interested in receiving the Perk, he/she should carefully consider the Terms and Conditions herein prior to accepting the Perk from the Company.
2.3. Clients are expected to utilize the Perk in a rightful and justified manner, according to the Terms and Conditions as stated herein.
2.4. The Perk can only be applied to one account per Client. If the Client has more than one Trading Account, the Client shall specify the Trading Account where the Perk is to be allocated.
3.Withdrawal Requests
For example:
3.1. Regular Withdrawal: to make a withdrawal from the account, the Client needs to make transactions (number of lots) in the amount of (Total Perk) / 2 = number of lots to be traded.
● if the Client receives Perk USD 10,000;
● The Client needs to trade 10,000 / 2 = 5,000 lots (only closed trades are taken into account) in order to make a withdrawal request
Only trading in forex or commodity financial instruments is calculated in the number of lots to be traded.
Trades in equities, indices, or other instruments do not count towards the number of lots to be traded.
3.2. Irregular Withdrawals: the Client is able to withdraw his/her own funds, even prior to reaching the Required Traded Volume. However, if a client decides to withdraw before the requested trading volume, the withdrawal amount won’t exceed the deposited amount. It should be noted that the amount of an Irregular Withdrawal calculation reflects the Client’s trading
achievement whereby all profits and losses generated using his/her own funds are allocated to the Company
3.3. Furthermore, any withdrawal from the Trading Account before the Required Traded Volume is reached will cancel the Perk entirely and the profited amount in the account. If the Client has Open Positions and in the event that any losses incurred as a result of such cancelation of
the Perk, the Company shall not be held liable.
For example:
– if the deposited amount is USD 10,000;
● the Perk is USD 10,000;
● Had the Client traded 2,500 lots, the Client would not be able to withdraw USD 5,000.
Based on that, the Client needs to trade 10,000/2 = 5,000 lots (only closed trades.
3.4. Once the Client completes the Required Traded Volume; the Client will need to send an email to [email protected] with the calculation of the total lots he/she traded.
3.5. The Client cannot reclaim any Perk amount that has been removed by making subsequent deposits into the Trading Account.
3.6. The Company reserves the right to delay processing the Client’s withdrawal request until all
Open Positions are closed. Thus, the Client must ensure that all Open Positions are closed/settled prior to submitting the withdrawal request.
4. Perk Cancelation
4.1. If the Company suspects that the Client has abused or attempted to abuse the Terms and Conditions contained herein, or otherwise acted in bad faith towards the Company, then the
Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client
the Perk and, if necessary, block and/or terminate the Client’s access to the Trading Account.
4.2. In such cases, the Company will not be liable for any other consequences that result from the Perk cancellation and/or removal. If the Client has Open Positions and in the event that any losses incurred as a result of such cancelation of the Perk, the Company will not be held liable.
4.3. The decision of whether the Client is abusing and/or manipulating the Company’s trading
platform and/or its Perk is at the Company’s sole and exclusive discretion.
4.4. The Company reserves the right to revoke or change the Perk at any time.
4.5. If the Company has a reason(s) to believe that the Client has more than one Trading
Account which utilized the Perk, then the Company reserves the right, without the Client’s consent to immediately withdraw the Perk from the Client’s Trading Account(s) and hold any withdraw/deposit requests before the Company investigates the situation. In the event that any losses incurred as a result of such a removal, the Company will not be held liable.
4.6. The Company does not recommend taking the Perk unless the Client knows how to make it work to his/her advantage.
5. Perk Limitation
5.1. Internal funds transferred between the Trading Accounts within the Company are considered withdrawals; therefore, the Perk removal will be applied according to the Terms and Conditions as set out herein.
5.2. If the Required Traded Volume is not met and the Equity (displayed in the platform) of the Trading Account goes below the Perk amount (displayed in the platform), then the Perk is removed automatically by the system.
In other words, if the Cash Equity (Equity – Active Perk) becomes zero or less, all Perks will be canceled and removed from the respective Trading Account. In these circumstances, the Company shall not be liable for any consequences of the Perk cancelation, including, but not
limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.
For Example:
● The Client has deposited USD 10,000;
● As a result, the Client received the Perk of USD 5,000;
● The Balance of the Client’s Trading Account available for trading is USD 15,000
● If the Equity falls under USD 5000, the Perk will be removed automatically.
5.3. The Perk cannot be transferred between the Trading Accounts.
5.4. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) or below the competent legal age in their country of
residence (minors) are not permitted to participate in Perk offers.
5.5. The maximum Perk that can be claimed is USD 100.000 (or any other currency equivalent) per Client. (depends on the deposit amount)
5.6 The Perk structure is represented in USD currency .
The decision whether to offer the Perk to the Client is clearly and indisputably at the Company’s absolute and unreserved discretion.
Perk structure may change from time to time.
1,000-5,000 Deposit = 10% Perk
5,000-10,000 Deposit = 12% Perk
10,000-15,000 Deposit = 15% Perk
15,000-20,000 Deposit = 18% Perk
20,000-25,000 Deposit = 20% Perk
25,000-30,000 Deposit = 22% Perk
30,000-35,000 Deposit = 25% Perk
35,000-40,000 Deposit = 27% Perk
40,000-45,000 Deposit = 30% Perk
45,000-50,000 Deposit = 33% Perk
50,000+ Deposit = 50% Perk
6. Acknowledgments and Risk Warnings
6.1. The Client understands that the Perk gives him/her increased value and extra trading leverage. Therefore caution must be exercised at all times when using the Perk. by using the Perk, higher trades may be closed; thus, more money can be made; however, the Client may also lose more than expected.
6.2. The Client hereby acknowledges that Forex and Contract For Differences (“CFDs “) are
leveraged products that involve a high-risk level. It should be noted that when trading in the aforementioned products, it is possible for Clients to lose all their invested capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone, and Clients should ensure that they understand the risks involved. Electing to utilize the Perk may increase the risk of losing all assets. Clients
should seek independent advice, if necessary.
7. General
7.1. The above Perk is subject to the Company’s Terms of Business available on the
Company’s website, which may be amended from time to time.
7.2. Once the Client read, understood, and agreed to the Agreement, the Client can participate in the Perk plan.

7.3. In case of discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Agreement or any other communications forming part of this Agreement in any other language, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.

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